• Something for Everyone!  Shop 24/7 from a wide variety of gently used items for all your living & working spaces.

    Something for Everyone!

    Shop 24/7 from a wide variety of gently used living, dining, bedroom, and office furniture, plus many unique decor items - all at a fraction of the cost. Expedient one hour pickup from ReStore Farmington Hills and/or ReStore Waterford.

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The ReStores

Habitat ReStores of Oakland County are home improvement outlets and donation
centers that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, cabinets,
paint and all other items for renovations and do-it-yourself projects to
the public at a fraction off the retail price. Habitat
ReStores — located in Waterford and Farmington Hills — are proudly owned
and operated by Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County with proceeds
used to build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.
Habitat ReStores are a great place to SHOP. DONATE. VOLUNTEER.

Donation Drop off or Free Pick-Up

Donate your items...

Do you have used yet no longer usable furniture, cabinets, building supplies, appliances and other items? Donation drop-offs are welcome daily at Habitat for Humanity ReStore Waterford and Habitat for Humanity ReStore Farmington Hills.

For those items you cannot fit in your 🚗 car, schedule a FREE donation pickup.

Donation Information
Rock the Block, June 2022

About Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County

Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County’s mission has a hyper-local focus with a world vision which engages donors, homeowners, neighbors, and volunteers working together to build better living environments.

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